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About Us

Our hide spikes were designed by Henry because he was fed up of not being able to get his hide poles into the ground. After many broken hide poles and hides falling over in the wind he came up with the simple but very effective hide spike - a must for any serious Pigeon shooter dealing with hard ground. They are also perfect if you have a two man hide - cutting down on the amount of poles you need to use because of their stability. The hide spikes will fit most poles on the market including a cheap, standard washing line prop. Their 20mm bore and solid aluminium construction makes them not only versatile but lightweight, hard wearing and long lasting.

  • Have you ever had issues with putting up your mobile hide?

  • Do you regularly break your hide poles?

  • Does your hide regularly get blown down because it is not properly secured?

If yes, we have the solution. Our hide spikes allow you to drive the spikes into any ground, including hard, frozen earth. The hides spikes are made of high quality aluminium with a steel driver (provided) which allows you to drive the spike into the ground.

Designed to fit most hide poles on the market.

What's In the Box?

  • 4 hide spikes (180mm long with an inner bore of 20mm)

  • 1 Steel driver

Ideal for:

  • Hide Spikes

  • Pigeon shooting

  • Duck Shooting

  • Air Rifle Shooting

  • Photography Hides

  • Washing Line Props and Poles

  • Camping

Manufactured in the UK. We can post to anywhere in the UK via Royal Mail. International shipment available upon request. Wholesale also available upon request.

Should you have any queries please message us and we will be glad to answer any questions!